Effectively Merchandising Kids’ Bedrooms

Everyone can appreciate the important role a bedroom plays in one’s life. Having your own room or having to share it with a sibling, or multiple siblings, can have a significant influence on your personality as an adult, and your life in general. But that’s a topic for another blog (and blogger). This article is going to cover how the merchandising of kids’ bedrooms in a model can help sell the home.

The End User

Before we even begin sketching the first elevation, or selecting paint colors, we think about the “end user” of the space. We ask ourselves questions such as, “Who is going to be living here? How will they use this space? What is the best way for us to design and merchandise so that whoever lives here will get the most out it?” This is no different when designing and merchandising a child’s bedroom. To ensure the end user, the child, will love their bedroom, and by extension make the parents (aka your buyers) happy, we take into consideration, the following:


Ultimately, the primary function of a bedroom is to facilitate sleep. The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overlooked. Research has shown that getting enough sleep has been linked to better productivity, mood, and overall health, especially in children. To help facilitate a good night’s sleep, the room needs to be functional. A functional bedroom is one that promotes relaxation and comfort.

To help a prospective buyer and their child see the bedroom of the model as a place where they can envision themselves feeling relaxed and comfortable, we strategically position the bed, so it is easy for the child to get in and out. Nightstands and lamps are easily accessible from the bed. Further, we will design a “homework” area. It doesn’t have to be a large space, just enough to be inviting and encourage its use.


Multiple Users, Still Functional

Sharing a room doesn’t have to be the end of the world. At least not merchandising-wise. There are plenty of creative ways to design for multiple users. Bunk beds, twin beds, and trundle beds can be practical and fun furnishings.



Functional also means organized. To avoid the inevitable, “I can’t find my…” (insert any number of personal items) panicked calls from the bedroom, organization is key. Be it hooks, a dresser, or labeled shelves, there are a myriad of ways to create an organized bedroom.

Whimsically designed children’s room in model home with bug prints, mirror headboards, and wicker lamp shades in Colorado.



Making the kids’ bedrooms special, with a personality that is in alignment with the buyer profile, can be a powerful selling tool. When creating the kid’s room design, we will refer to the buyer profile to see where the child’s interest lies. Do they have a love of the outdoors? Animals? Where is the community located? What are the amenities or activities available nearby? What is going to spark the dream of moving?


Selling the Dream

The kids’ bedroom in a model home can be a power selling tool if merchandised correctly. As a parent or grandparent is walking a model home, they need to see that their new home has a place for every family member. A well-merchandised child’s bedroom – one that is functional and has personality – can tug on the heartstrings and be the deciding factor in a home purchase.

To learn how we can help your model home sell the dream, contact us today.