We never want to see summer go! But, as we tip-toe into Fall, we can still enjoy an “endless summer” in curated backyard spaces! If you are like most people in the world, the indoors of your homes are starting to feel a bit smaller than before. Now that so many people are working at home, the outdoor space around them has been beneficial for many reasons. Being able to escape from the everyday living can bring stress relief and a time to relax. We are seeing an increase in people in all stages of life coming to experience the outdoors just beyond their back door. The trend of having your backyard as a living room has really taken off. Which, in return, has many revamping their outdoor living spaces and giving some the motive to completely move to a place with gorgeous scenery!

Many have chosen to enhance their spaces by building full outdoor kitchens to include a grill, stovetop, refrigerator, and sink. Complete with lounging and sitting areas and dining tables. But you do not have to go to this extravagant measure to create a livable and enjoyable outdoor space. One very popular, and simple, way to brighten up your outdoors is to create a small herb garden. This is especially fun for families with young children!

From extensive landscaping to simple colored flowerpots on the back deck and string lighting all play into having that fun outdoor space for the evening time as well. Bringing the party outdoors is sometimes what it is all about! Chimineas have become quite popular as well as fire pits. This gives off a warm and inviting atmosphere while enjoying the outdoors of your home – even on those chillier nights because we don’t want to say goodbye to summer!

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