Fall Design Trends

Trends in design are inevitable. Some stay for a while, and others, just last for a season or two. As we enter the fall season the trend towards design that elicits feelings of warmth and comfort are prevalent. Further, with the unwelcome addition of COVID-19 to our daily lives, there has been a trend to create multifunctional spaces that foster feelings of well-being. And as model merchandisers we have been designing model homes and other spaces with these fall design trends in mind.


As home buyers are looking more and more to their homes as a sanctuary there is a trend to design with more natural and organic materials. Biophilic design and bringing in greenery with art, wallcoverings, or plants into the design continues to be an important trend. And it makes sense when you consider the proven power of nature and natural elements in design. Organic, natural materials incorporated into design can reduce stress, blood pressure, and anxiety. As well as enhance a sense of wellbeing.


Creating a cozy lush environment that promotes relaxing at home is something buyers will be looking for. Textural throws, layered area rugs, and chunky, oversized knit pillows are a great way to meet this expectation. Another fabric that can instantly give a cozy feel is velvet. Very few things say “cozy and safe at home” like velvet upholstered furniture.



We have discussed at length the importance of bringing the outdoors in, this has been, and will continue to be, a trend this fall. As more buyers are spending more time in their homes, they want to know they have options for work and entertainment. They need to see that their living area is not limited to the four walls of the house. Bringing the outdoors in either literally by walls that fully retract or visually by floor to ceiling windows continues to be an important trend.

Fall traditionally spurs the trend for designs that promote warmth and comfort. This year is no different. In fact, we would say it is even more so with COVID as part our world (for now). Designing spaces that foster feelings of well-being is most definitely on trend. For more ways we can help design your model homes giving buyers want they want and expect, please contact us today.