Whether running a business, managing the family’s finances, or conquering homework, today’s home offices have become an integral space in every home. To help meet the needs and desires of homeowners we’ve developed five simple design ideas to help a home study shine.

Perfecting Position

It’s important to take time to think about the positioning of the office desk. Views of the entrance make whoever’s sitting at the desk feel secure, while also signifying that they are in a position of authority. Along with views of the entrance, a window-facing desk promotes productivity and boosts energy as the homeowner is exposed to the many benefits of natural light.

Function and Flexibility

Embracing the ability to multi-task is key in a home office and has the capability to resonate with a wider array of potential buyers. A Murphy bed or pull out desk are inventive, effective solutions that satisfy various functions such as hosting guests, answering emails or creating space for crafting. A thoughtfully designed and creative office will cater to all.

Placement is Key

Work is often quiet and contemplative, so a silent, simple spot is incredibly beneficial for outstanding output. A home’s office that is located near the great room or kitchen may lead to steady distraction, so considerate placement of the space may be essential for potential buyers.

Consider Missed Space

A home office in no way needs to be an additional room. If the budget or layout isn’t accommodating to create a separate space, small nooks and crannies can become productive places. A desk can be designed to work underneath staircase space or a bedroom niche can become command central with drawers and bins to keep filing on the fly a breeze.

Storage, Storage and Storage

As the average size of homes decrease, the need for thoughtful storage is even more important! Organization in a home office clears out the clutter and creates a clean, crisp space that homeowners feel comfortable inviting clients into.

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