As it is often the smallest room in a model home, the power room also ends up being the most overlooked design opportunity. However, it is the powder room that is the bathroom that potential buyers will eventually use quite often. Further, it is among the first impression of a home. Therefore, it makes sense to put effort into making this small, important space shine. To help do that, we have compiled four bathroom design ideas to help make a model home’s powder room pop.

Feature a Fixture

Limited space does not mean limited style. Selecting bathroom features provides the perfect opportunity for design creativity. By featuring a unique fixture you can create a decorative design element in a least expected – but heavily-traversed– space.

Another way to provide some pop to a power room is through the light fixture. With so many unique lighting options available you can treat light fixture selections as if they were added art. Also, consider using multiple layers of lighting, such as pendants, can lights, and sconces to create extra ambiance without encroaching on the available space.

Wow Them with the Wall

Because of the smaller size, a powder room is the perfect place to experiment with dramatic wallpaper. Or, you can consider using a paint shade that may otherwise intimidate or overpower in a larger space.


Frame the Mirror

Framing the bathroom mirror is a simple, yet effective way to create an extra flair. This this technique enables you to add style without taking up too much space. Further, adding a frame around a mirror gives the vanity, and the entire bathroom, a polished feel. Conversely, leaving a mirror unframed may make the space appear unfinished and feel less inviting.

Scale it to Size

Finally, it’s important to remember scaling. You won’t want to make an already small space feel claustrophobic. Avoid adding in furniture or fixtures that are over-sized. You can save space with features such as floating shelves or under the sink storage.

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