Hot Design Trends in 2019

While it’s difficult to predict the movie that is going to be the blockbuster of the year, or whether we will have another “storm of the century,” predicting the design trends for 2019 is a little easier. With our hand on the pulse and our designers in the trenches, we can see what direction the industry is leaning and what’s going to be hot in 2019.

There are a plethora of colors, patterns, fabrics, and materials that will be popular this year. As such, there is no denying that the 2019 design trends are going to be diverse. For example, we anticipate a return to a more nature-focused time with the inclusion of plants. We also see more indoor/outdoor living spaces, while still incorporating the technology of the day.

As social media, and technology in general, fuses home, work, and play into one entity, we are seeing a lot of smart technology and voice-activated design. Further, as a result of melding worlds, design trends are no longer regionally-based, but rather international in scope. All of this leads to some general design themes emerging including:

  • Sophisticated farmhouse
  • Global bohemian
  • Moderated modern
  • Astro modern

We are predicting these are the design trends that will be hot in 2019.

 Sophisticated Farmhouse

The farmhouse of 2019 is not your grandma’s farmhouse. The trend is calling for a more sophisticated design that mixes beautiful, but comfortable, furniture with salvaged materials such as reclaimed wood and iron accents. It calls for a combining with other décor styles and a place where most design elements are tactile and tangible. Common features may include:

  • architectural salvage
  • pine or painted furniture
  • wide and/or distressed plank floors
  • exposed beams
  • dark-trimmed windows
  • minimal clutter

The trend is to see traditional farmhouse elements meshed with sleek lines, statement lighting, and contemporary materials; simple lines but with comfortable furniture. Additionally, we anticipate seeing even more layering of design influences such as Aztec and other tribal art as well as woven materials making their way into the sophisticated farmhouse.

Further, ‘modern organic’ fabrics such as breathable, natural, sustainable materials will be popular. This nature-focused, natural fabric trend is a direct result of a greater desire to create an oasis in one’s home, a sanctuary or refuge from our hectic daily lives.

Design trend of sophisticated farmhouse white kitchen and wood floor.

Parkwood Homes. Sophisticated Farmhouse

Global Bohemian

Warmer colors, earthy tones, worn leather, and woven wool blankets combined with jewel tones can help create that global bohemian style. The Bohemian, or “Boho,” trend will continue to be popular in 2019. While there are no rules when it comes to Bohemian design, warm earthy colors are common, and an open “mixing” policy of materials and patterns is encouraged. As the opposite of minimal, modern, and sleek, Boho often embraces a “more is more” philosophy. Along with this mixing of styles, we will see:

  • continuation of the Hygge movement and handmade items
  • layering of area rugs
  • natural, basic materials such as burlap and sisal combined with silk and chenille
  • some fringe, crochet, and macrame

Embracing the artistic side of using natural materials is central to this trend and as such patterns and colors from cultures around the world are central to great design in 2019.

The fun part about global bohemian trends is the ability to include materials, designs, and accessories that will attract a myriad of buyers. It is a style that allows home buyers to envision themselves bringing their treasured collectibles into their home in a beautiful naturalistic way.

Design trend of bohemian hanging chair in living room.

WB Homes. A bit of Boho adding texture to a room.

Moderated Modern

Building on the success of the Mid-Century modern movement of today, a new hybrid style is emerging, called Moderated Modern. It involves softening the hard, straight lines with inclusion of materials and design from a comfortable past.

Distinctive features of moderated modern include:

  • minimal lines softened with traditional style
  • leans towards bare and less
  • bare floors using hardwoods, ceramic, porcelain tiles, travertine stone, marble
  • brick and stone walls
  • touches of traditional elements such as crown molding and wood detailing

Moderated modern is design that incorporates familiar touches that soften and embrace modern designs to help find a broader audience looking for something less predictable. It uses a mix of materials to add a feeling of comfort and humanity.

Living room designed on trend with modern and traditional cream pieces.

Meadowbrook Pointe. Moderated Modern living room.

Astro Modern

Also building off the success of the Mid-Century design movement, Astro Modern presents a more futuristic design attitude. Spiritualism, artificial intelligence, and a visionary feel help to distinguish this trend. Flashes of vibrant color and pastels in combination with deep, dark hues are prevalent.

Other characteristics include the use of:

  • glass
  • stainless steel
  • matte appliances
  • glazes

Further, channeling that “astro” or outer space feel with the use of globes, orbs, and star-like lighting fixtures are also highlights of this trend.

Clubhouse lounge area designed with astro modern blue design trend.

Grand Peaks. Astro Modern gathering spot.


Perhaps the most prevalent trend to emerge in the last few years, and one in which we are predicting will continue to grow in 2019, is the idea of individualism. This trend encourages builders to create spaces that are flexible and creative enough to attract a wide variety of buyers; to empower buyers to be different from their neighbors, to be eclectic and unique. The builder that provides a myriad of options so that each buyer can feel their home is unique and special will be successful.

This means including flex rooms, creative storage options, and fluid floor plans. Incorporating unique, and varied options for storage spaces and including rooms that have multiple uses will be key. For example, a laundry room that can also be used as a pet suite, or an au pair room that also serves as a home office. This gives the homeowner flexibility and makes a home more livable as it works for many types of families with various, individual needs.

In a time of omnipresent technology and the uniformity it brings, individualism will empower home buyers to be different from their neighbors; to be eclectic and unique, mixing what they love into a style that works for them. It’s important to remember that trends may come and go (and often return many years later), what’s really hot on a perennial basis is the personal touch.

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