Cultivating a Successful Home Builder – Model Merchandiser Relationship

As a model home merchandiser, our goal is to create dreams and ignite a deep desire to live in our client’s property. However, before happily-ever-after is found, there are many steps one must take to ensure success. Below are the guiding principles of LD & Co. By following these guidelines we have learned how to cultivate a successful home builder – model merchandiser relationship.

Working Guidelines

  • The interior design/model merchandiser should be on board as early as possible. The earlier they’re involved, the more they understand the branding, market, location, lifestyle, and community that is the foundation of the project. A great model merchandiser can also provide valuable feedback on floor plans, window placement, and much more.
  • The home builder should provide as much information as possible about the prospective buyer. Merchandisers want to know what you think makes them “tick.”
  • The builder should feel comfortable sharing personal preferences and expectations throughout the process, as well as any design, or marketability (sales) concerns.
  • The builder must let the merchandiser know if there are any floor plan or structural adjustments are made. Even changes that seem insignificant could impact the merchandising efforts, which then could, in turn, impact sales.
  • To help keep everyone’s blood pressure in check, set realistic timelines and expectations. (Keep in mind it typically takes manufacturers a minimum of 8-10 weeks to produce and ship products.)

Oh, and one last thing, have fun and stay positive. Everything goes better with a smile.

Great communication cultivates a great home builder- model merchandiser relationship. And, in turn, the builder and merchandiser can create a “wow” product. With a great relationship, there are no limits to the success they can generate.

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