As the trend of building up rather than out continues in my cities (this is definitely true in Denver), the value of even the smallest balconies is appreciated. Overlooking the opportunity to merchandise these smaller spaces can hinder the potential sales and appeal of a home. The following design ideas will show how to merchandise small outdoor spaces that will inspire a potential buyer.

Find the Function

No matter what the size, determine how the balcony can best be used. Whether it’s a small cafe table paired with chairs or a long, narrow console table to store gardening supplies, function increases the value of narrow or shallow balconies, patios, or any outdoor space.

Seamless Spaces

Think of the outdoor space as an extension of the adjacent room. Home buyers desire an indoor/outdoor relationship, therefore a seamless flow created by continued flooring or consistent styling (in both furniture and decor) leads to the impression that the outdoor area really is extra square footage.

Walls Can Do Wonders

Privacy is key, but sometimes walls along tight urban balconies can make the space feel confined. Make a privacy wall a design asset that appeals to potential home buyers. For example, add interest by merchandising with shelves, plant boxes, attractive screens, or a vertical garden.

Browse for Built-Ins

With a smaller outdoor space, don’t overlook the potential for built-ins to create additional storage or seating. A privacy wall could potentially double as a long bench that provides both seating for friends to gather and storage underneath for garden tools, pillows, cushions, etc.

Light the Night

The variety of outdoor-approved lighting options are beyond what they used to be. Look further than the typical recessed lighting and sconces by trying chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, or even lanterns to add flare and ambiance to the outdoor space.

Rock the Railing

Maximize the views by paying attention to what style/type of railing feature is installed. Glass paneling or steel rail cables emphasize the view, add appeal and can be an affordable option.

Remember, size shouldn’t be a deterring factor. When merchandised correctly, small outdoor spaces can become a big selling point.

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