Some 55 and better buyers haven’t had a new home in 30 years if they ever have! Many folks in their 50’s and 60’s find that the current family home – perfect for raising a family, and housing all their cherished treasures – might be too large or cumbersome to take care of. Parts of their home might not be used at all, and they might be spending a lot of money maintaining that space, whether it’s through heating and cooling or simply trying to keep up with the dust bunnies.

While all the ‘newness’ sounds exciting, the idea of having to leave their once “forever home” or having to start fresh after so many years, keeps our 55 and better homebuyers from reaping the benefits of a new home. We will explore how to marry those treasured pieces from the cherished past into the exciting environment of a new home.  More thoughtful spaces for future memories, lower maintenance, and technology, all to make life easier.

Thoughtful Spaces and Places

“This new home may not be as big as our current home is, but it works!” “There are so many great memories here, how can we move into a smaller place?” While our 55+ buyers may or may not be downsizing from their current home, thoughtful floorplans of new homes use space more efficiently (goodbye wasted foyer space)! Gourmet kitchens and vaulted ceilings with large islands are perfect for friends and family gatherings. Streamlined storage space can hold everything from your fine China pieces to mom’s Waterford wine glasses. 

New homes allow for some glamour! The primary bedroom is spacious enough for the favorite reading chaise, the ceilings are high enough for the treasured chandelier from Venice, and the shower is like that spa in Costa Rica! There may be hesitation to get rid of some of the most memorable pieces of a homebuyer’s current home furnishes, but these special items can add some allure to a new more modern or up-to-date home layout. 

Not only are the primary bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets oversized, but when the kids come home with their families, new home floorplans are well planned out with ample-sized bedrooms in locations that make sense. The great rooms are truly great – naturally bringing the family together for entertaining and memory-making. 

Easier to Care for and Healthier for the Homeowner

Homeowner health and easier home care are at the forefront of homebuyers list of needs. Bringing the outside in, modern technologies, and more choices in a new home elevate overall home health.

The seamless transition from indoor and outdoor spaces allows for a fresh breeze, more space for entertaining, and enhanced moods. The 55+ homebuying demographic wants to spend more time planting succulents in their treasured pots from Argentina that they picked up on their 15-year anniversary trip. More and larger windows make the indoor space lighter and brighter for overall health and well-being.

One obvious benefit of a new home is the use of advanced technology in the home. No need to worry about trying to bring shades down from the expansive windows; remote shades do all of the hard work for the 55+ homeowner. Everything from home security systems and automated kitchen appliances to heating and cooling systems and no maintenance landscaping, new homes can alleviate some of the stresses of homeownership so the buyer can relax, and have fun!

Blending Nostalgia with New

The idea of having a new home with a more thoughtful layout, overall wellness in mind, and advanced technologies sound wonderful! But the 55 and better homebuyers still want room for familiar classics, whether graceful Windsor dining chairs or that beautiful French country table. Blend it with a unique fusion of design ideas – harmoniously mixing heirloom pieces and contemporary looks. It truly can be eclectic and beautiful! Hold onto the things that are loved and give them drama and impact with fresh style in a new home. A big shoutout to NAHB 55+ Council for featuring this article!

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