July 2021

Dear Friends,

Hard to believe summer is almost over. I must have blinked. We’ve been incredibly busy with weekly installs all across the country. It can be hard to catch your breath. But, I am definitely not complaining. I am grateful for the business and am excited for all the in-person meetings that are upcoming.

Hope to see many of you in person soon! In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social media if you don’t already. We are constantly posting images from recent installs, interviews, and occasionally pictures of our incredible team (and sometimes even “yours truly”). While not as good as real-life interaction, it is a nice way to stay connected.


Inside this Issue


A Case Study in Perseverance 
Last year, Parkwood Homes, a successful home builder expanded their business into a new market. To help them in their groundbreaking efforts, they reached out to their old pals, LD & Co. Read how this dynamic duo proved successful (again). 


Merchandising the Great Outdoors
Effective merchandising does not stop at the door. The importance of strategically merchandising your outdoor space cannot be overstated. Learn how we create outdoor living designs that compliment the interiors and help homes sell.  

Dreams vs Reality: Bridging the Gap  
What a homebuyer dreams of having in their new home, and what they can afford, are often out of sync. Learn how we as interior designers/model merchandisers work to bridge that gap and present the dream homebuyers can afford through strategic design of a model home. 

We are loving…Builders for Babies – Diaper Drive!

We are loving the large turn out and success of this year’s Builders for Babies Diaper Drive. Organized by HomeAid Colorado, this amazing event provides dignified access to baby supplies to Coloradoans in need. Erin Hurley, our Director of Business Development, was able to participate and had a fantastic day. What a successful drive! According to HomeAid Colorado’s website:

With the generosity of our sponsors, 450+ donors, and the ABBY&FINN match, HomeAid blew right past our 2021 goal of 1.5 million! An astonishing 1.7 million diapers and 1 million wipes were collected during this drive! 

So wonderful! If you want more information on how to get involved in this wonderful cause, please visit their website.

Did you find them?
Were you able to spot all 8 differences? 
extra window
wrong color pillow
covered the footing of the sofa
pillow says HOHE (not HOME)

put 2 green pillows on right side
covered one of the recessed lights
removed the pulls on left side of cabinet

added an extra one to right side (these were hard to see!)


In case you missed it when we shared on social media, here’s another opportunity for a (very) short preview of a recent install. Enjoy!