Merchandising Ideas to Bring Excitement to your Model Home’s Lower Level 

Our homes have never been more important. In the past year and a half our homes have been our workplace, school, gym, and entertainment. And even as we move past the pandemic, and back into offices, schools, and gyms, home buyers want to their homes to have all these “from-home” spaces. Or, at the very least, the options to make that happen. And as such, model homes have had to be increasingly flexible in their design and merchandising to show all the potential uses of the home.

One way to show your model home’s flexibility (and expand the living area) is through your lower level design. By designing and merchandising the lower level of a model you can illustrate uses such as a fun at home entertainment space, a luxurious guest suite for kids or family members, or another quiet area for work or school from home.

To make the lower level design more effective moving forward, there are a few things that we are doing to try to meet the needs of the buyer:

Enhancing the Entrance

As a lower level area is, by definition, below the main living area, one must enter it via stairs. However, that doesn’t mean the stairs have to be dark or in other ways unappealing. To enhance the entrance to the lower level and make it more inviting, the first thing we check is the lighting. We make sure to light the stairwell with the same concern as any other entry. Often adding a little dramatic lighting if height allows. Also, we will usually paint the stairwell a light or cheerful color. Additionally, including whimsical, character, or themed art can help to enhance the entrance of the lower level and entice buyers to explore the entire area.

Entering into this model’s lower level is engaging as the first view is of the Utah sunset found out the back door of the model. Further, from first glance the buyer can see the room is full of games and fun for entertaining at home.

Showcasing the Floor

Since the floor is the view seen as the buyer approaches the lower level, why not consider using the floor surface to create interest? There are many new materials available today that can withstand a lot of abuse, and at the same time look amazing. You can design interest in the lower level and at the same time start the excitement of what else the buyer can find downstairs that they can’t live without.

This Colorado model home’s lower level is bright and fun from the moment you step on the floor while providing a quiet area for work/school at home to be used when and/as needed.

Flexing the Many Uses of the Lower Level

The lower level in this model home has everything for a fantastic night of home entertaining. Including separate gathering areas that can be used in a myriad of ways.

Promoting your model home is all about touting its flexibility. And one way to do that is by strategically designing/merchandising your lower level. A well-merchandised lower level can not only add literal square footage to your buyers living space, but also livability and desirability. Most importantly, it is understanding and listening to the current needs of the buyer to plan for, merchandise, and be successful in delivering the dream of home buying.

To see how we can create a desirable lower level space that meets today’s demand in your model home, please contact us today.