Creating a Suburban Respite

Once upon a time, in a rustic, bucolic area of Vermont there was a dearth of quality, yet attainable, housing. Enter Snyder Homes. Known for building exceptional homes and creating wonderful communities, Snyder Homes has been a family owned and operated builder since 1976.

From that very first neighborhood, Essex Green, Snyder Homes has established an unparalleled reputation for themselves in the northwestern area of Vermont. They take great pride working to fulfill the owners’ vision of “assisting home buyers in achieving their goal of better living through home ownership.”

Seeing the Potential  

In 2006 Snyder Homes acquired a plot of land that was ideal for the kind of neighborhood they are known for creating. A neighborhood that would integrate with and improve upon the lives of those in and around the community. Homes with a variety of features and options to appeal to every type of home buyer. All with convenient access to neighborhood amenities with plenty of open space, wooded views, a bike path, and nature trails.

While this was an exciting endeavor it was not without risk. Snyder Homes had not launched a new neighborhood since 2012. They knew they had to put their best foot forward with this new community. They understood that to attract the home buyers they wanted, they had to create a compelling and enticing model home. One that would showcase the features of their development and inspire dreams of home ownership. They knew they needed a professional interior design firm to transform this dream into a reality. Enter Lita Dirks & Co.

Designing the Dream

After doing their due diligence and thoroughly vetting four different interior design firms, Snyder Homes ultimately chose Lita Dirks & Co. (LD & Co.) Chris Snyder explained that even though they had never worked with LD & Co., nor were they a local design firm, they quickly realized LD & Co. was the right firm for them. It was obvious to the Snyder Homes’ team that LD & Co. understood Snyder Homes’ goals. They grasped the branding and messaging of the product. LD & Co. understood the prospective buyer and knew what they needed to see in a model home.

However, perhaps more than LD & Co.’s understanding of Snyder Homes’ ideal buyer, it was the firm’s professionalism and organization that won over the Snyder team. If there was an issue, it was addressed and resolved quickly. The design expertise was impressive. The LD & Co. design team was able to work with local suppliers and achieve (exceed) the creative expectations on time and within budget.

Creek’s Edge

The result, a suburban respite known as Creek’s Edge was created. Creek’s Edge is a beautiful bedroom community in Williston Vermont, with easy access to downtown Burlington.

Snyder Homes was pleased not only with the success of the neighborhood, which they attributed in large part to the model home, but also in the reception of the new homeowners. Their home buyers have been quite vocal in their overwhelming appreciation of the various interior design features and selections provided by LD & Co.

Beyond the Edge

As a result of the success of Creek’s Edge, Snyder Homes is planning to open another new neighborhood. Their goal, another beautiful community within reach of many more Vermonters. And they know when it’s time to design that model home, to make that dream a reality, LD & Co. is the call to make.


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