Effective Model Merchandising

Effective model merchandising goes beyond aesthetics. Without giving away our ‘special sauce’ we wanted to share some of the most important design features that we address when merchandising a model home. As a builder, you will want to ensure your merchandiser understands these and is executing accordingly. Effective model merchandising helps homes sell.

Dishing with the Designer: Amanda Hathaway

Dishing this month with Amanda was a lot of fun. Amanda’s sweet smile and creative energy made for a great chat. Read her backstory, how she came to LD & Co., and what advice she would give her younger self (if she could). Get the full dish here.

Interior Design 201

We recently shared a quick refresher of some common interior design terms. And due to popular demand, we’re back with some more!

We realize how important it is for builders, architects, or really any one who works with interior design professionals to understand many of the interior design-specific terms and concepts used. It’s been proven time and again: increased understanding will results in better and more effective collaborations.

Click here for part two of our Interior Design terms lesson.

Fireplace Design to Heat up Model Home Sales

Since the beginning of time we have been gathering around the fire. And with good reason, a fire is a welcoming place to eat, chat, and find comfort. Today’s modern fire features — be it an indoor wood-burning fireplace or an outdoor fire pit — are just as important. In fact, your fire feature can help “seal the deal” with some prospective buyers. Read more on how our designers use create fireplace designs that help model homes sell.


Winter is here and even if it’s not super cold where you live, the days are definitely getting shorter. But, you don’t have to let the lack of daylight get you down. Saveur compiled a list of delicious (and colorful) winter recipesTricolore Salad with Grapefruit Saba Vinaigrette? Yes please. Your dinner plate may have never been brighter.


Hot and boozy? Hmm…sounds intriguing. Tell me more. From Vegan Slow-Cooker Hot Cocoa to spiked lattes, this list of 10 Hot (Boozy) Drink Recipes for Cold Nights (or days) are easy to make and easy to modify as needed. And are sure to keep you feeling toasty no matter what the thermostat says.

And Being Merry!