Early this month, our talented Zena Breimhorst grabbed her plans, packed her bags, and rolled up her sleeves in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Continental Properties’ Avanterra Forest Hills Preserve Clubhouse exudes calmness and tranquility with bold statements in contrasting furniture. She shares a few insights with us on her interior design process and how she meets individual client styles.

How do you approach interior design?

“Whether a model home, a clubhouse, or some form of amenities space, for me, the ultimate goal in designing an interior space is to transform the client’s ideas into a beautiful, functional environment that enhances the daily experiences of the people who use the space.

Like a fingerprint, I see interior design as something that is unique to each individual (or even an organization). A space is designed to match the individual taste and budget of the client while responding to the demands of modern life. A well-designed space has each and every aspect carefully considered and personalized while taking into account the practical and functional uses of the space. The end result should be equal parts functional and visually appealing.”  

How do you approach incorporating the preferences of a client in your designs?

“Knowing the client (or and in the case of model home design, the future homeowner) is of the utmost importance in designing spaces based on how people live, work, and play within them. A successfully designed space should be one of relevance that thoughtfully connects a person with their surroundings and accurately reflects the vision of the client in terms of style and functionality. Even the smallest detail can produce [a] major impact on how the space is experienced.

The best results occur when the client’s needs are appropriately analyzed, realistic expectations are set, plans and specifications are created, and the design demonstrates the style that best suits the client.”

After a successful installation, Zena strolled the town and found a quaint local coffee shop. The Bitter End Coffeehouse enveloped her soul in its welcoming vibe. 

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