Every three months we get to cheer,

As another quarter passes near,

For it’s time for birthday celebrations,

And to indulge in some workplace creations.


We gather ’round with cake in hand,

Singing “Happy Birthday” to our coworker brand,

And then we dig in with great delight,

Savoring each and every bite.


For in these moments, we come together,

As colleagues and friends, through any weather,

Celebrating each other with joy and glee,

And making memories for all to see.


So let’s raise a glass to quarterly birthdays,

And all the good times that they convey,

For they remind us of the human touch,

That can make work feel like fun, so much.


We look forward to our quarterly birthday festivities, not only to celebrate another year but to appreciate our team members and create a sense of belonging and camaraderie. We spend most of our day at work, and taking time to incorporate regular work events into our schedule promotes a more engaged, connected, and fulfilled team.