A showstopping interior installation appears seamless in its grace and simplicity. Of course, every great interior designer knows that even the most well-organized projects will encounter last-minute pivots. Install days are packed with moving parts, complex details, tight deadlines, and fluid communication. 

Earlier this month, Teresa and Susan were on site to install the model home at Vintage at Hamilton by Sharbell in Robbinsville, New Jersey. They know the most skilled and knowledgeable interior designers can revel in the exciting activity. Given the scale of work leading up to installation day, minimizing areas for bottlenecks is crucial. We have analyzed the top 10 installation day tips for interior designers to help their final product end in a job well done!

  1. Request the home builder to keep other vendors to a minimum in the space on installation day. 
  2. Conduct a purchase audit at least three weeks before the installation day to ensure the procurement process for moving items is complete.
  3. If the project is expansive, hire extra helpers for the day to keep things smooth and moving.
  4. Create a list of items to be handed over to the movers and doubly check if everything is included.
  5. Ensure everything is in the toolbox and the installation checklists are ready. Double-check it. 
  6. Print room labels and a floorplan copy for each room. It would bring about coherence in the design process and would also enable the movers to place the items accordingly.
  7. Pack in a smile, chocolate, good humor, healthy snacks, and a lot of water for the installation day.
  8. Run through the checklist for last-minute items, such as lightbulbs, flowers, drapery hooks, pillow inserts, and cleaning supplies.
  9. Get a good night’s sleep.
  10. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes to help you move swiftly. 

Every designer needs a reliable installation team that knows how to work with a floor plan, assemble furniture, professionally hang art or mirrors, fix miscellaneous defects, and can communicate well with home builders and subcontractors. We are thankful for our excellent installation partners across the country! 



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