Designing “He Spaces”  

A successful model home is one that appeals to the prospective buyer and inspires dreams of a certain lifestyle and a desire for home ownership. While countless studies have shown that woman tend to be the primary decision-maker when it comes to buying a house, we believe that every person who walks through a model should feel like there is a special place designed specifically for them; be it the husband, child, or grandparent. Read about some of the tactics our designers have used when designing for the male buyers

Dishing with the Designer: Teresa Karpala

After a short hiatus from talking specifically to our design staff, we are back this month with an in-depth chat with one of our senior designers, Teresa Karpala.An incredibly talented designer (and just all-around wonderful person), Teresa has been with LD & Co. for almost 20 years. She has such an interesting backstory. It was fascinating to hear how despite being raised in communist Poland she was always able to see the beauty and design potential in everything. Learn how her unique upbringing has influenced her style. Read the full dish here.

Front Porch Design: A First Chance for First Impression

The front porch design is a first chance for a great first impression for a model home. If done well it can set your model apart from the competition. Not all models have front porches or an entry area to merchandise, however if you do, how you display it will be crucial.

Ideally the front porch design should be the introduction to the theme of the overall design. Crossing the front porch should give the potential buyer a sense of excitement to see what’s inside. Conjuring a feeling of “oh I could see myself drinking my coffee here in the morning” or perhaps “this will be a great place to unwind after a long day.” You want the design to instill a desire to experience life there. In other words, a desire to buy.

Front porch designs can include creating relaxing spaces to lounge, plants to foster privacy, or perhaps plenty of seating to entertain. A lot will depend on the model home and the space available. The underlying message here is, don’t overlook the potential of the front porch. To see some of our front porch designs, please visit our portfolio.

Living Vicariously through Celebrity Interior Design
We truly believe everyone deserves to live in a beautiful home. And as such we have built our business working with a variety of production builders who create attractive, accessible homes for a wide variety of buyers. We find our work incredibly gratifying and love collaborating with our partners. However, sometimes, it’s fun to think outside the budget or buyer profile box and see what celebrities are up to when it comes to interior design. These fantasy-inducing interior designs are courtesy of Architectural Digest. Click on the images and enjoy seeing how “the other half” live.





The Painted Ladies Collection by Parkwood Homes in Stapleton are inspired by the iconic “Postcard Row” in San Francisco, but with an innovative twist. Lita Dirks & Co. is thrilled to be the interior design/merchandising firm for this exciting new development. While the first row of homes are being built, here is a sneak peak at their design and features.


While in many parts of the country, the kids have already gone back to school (we know, it’s way too early), we’ve looked at the calendar and it still says summer to us! And summer means no cooking (or at least minimal preparation), lounging on your patio, relaxing by the pool, taking an after-work stroll, or just generally enjoying the outdoors while you can. Here are some quick and easy dinner recipes that will get you out the kitchen and into the outdoors while it’s still light outside.
And if it’s still too hot outside in your neck of the woods here are some wonderful cocktail recipes. After a few you won’t care what the thermostat says.
and Be Merry!