Expectations, more specifically exceeding expectations, is the focus of this blog. This is the last installment in our series: the Four E’s: Design that Attracts the 55+ Home Buyer.  We will cover the kinds of things builders can do to attract the new Boomer buyer and exceed their expectations.

Exceeding Expectations

As previously discussed, the 55+ home buyer has unique needs and desires. They are not necessarily concerned about the school district as the majority are empty nesters. Further, the need for a short and easy commute to work may not be a top priority as many are retired. Or, at a point in their careers where telecommuting is commonplace. Most 55+ home buyers find themselves with more freedom and less responsibility than ever before. They want to use this time in life to have fun. The new Boomer buyer has high expectations and it’s up to builders and designers to provide them with homes that exceed those expectations.

More Fun

Research shows that today’s 55+ buyer is more active than past generations. They have a more sophisticated style, and expect more options and choices when buying a home. As fun becomes a top priority to the 55+ buyer, we can not only meet, but exceed that expectation. To do, builders and designers need to provide updated selections such as large kitchen islands, beautiful and easy to care for counters, and tons of storage. Further, homes should include some specialized choices such as wine bars, luxurious master suites. As well as trendy, yet comfortable living spaces both indoors and out.


Another way to exceed expectations for the 55+ buyer is through versatility. The way certain areas of the home are meant to be used should also be multipurpose and able to morph to fit the customized needs of the buyer. Create unique touches to personalize the buyers’ home. Ideas include the flex room being merchandised as a wine room, a pet suite, pocket office, or even a man cave. The vast amount of options will excite your buyer and give them a myriad of many ways to see themselves living in your home.

Offering plenty of options for the use of rooms allows potential buyers more ways to see themselves as the home owner.

Example of a room that’s flexible enough to be a craft room, office, or even spare bedroom for guests.


In addition to being active and wanting versatility, the boomer generation is also tech-savvy. They expect smart technology to be an integral part of their homes. Providing state-of-the-art amenities can set you apart from your competition. Special attention needs to be given to high-tech (but easy to learn) controls for security and privacy; especially light fixtures, shades and drapery, media viewing options, and temperature regulation. All of which should be remote controlled.

Every buyer is different. No two, despite being the same age, demographic, or region, are going to want the exact same thing. However, if you keep in mind the lifestyle and over-arching needs of your 55+ buyer and apply it to your designs, you’re sure to attract more and happier homeowners.

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