Building, Designing, and Selling to the New Boomer Buyer: Ease of Living

The new boomer buyer is one of the fastest growing home buying segments. As such, we need need to know how to sell to them. Building, designing, and selling to this particular market is key to all of our success. To that end we have worked with industry professionals to develop “The Four Es’: Design That Attracts the 55+ Buyer.”

In this second of our series, we’ll share the second of four design factors that influence this market’s home-buying decision: Ease of Living.

To create a sense of Ease of Living it is important for home builders and designers to create a home that includes the following design factors.

Create a Hassle-free Home

Low maintenance makes for happy homeowners. One way to help achieve a low maintenance lifestyle is by using products that are easy to clean and upkeep. Large format tiles in bathrooms and kitchens are easy to maintain while still looking expensive and elegant.

Counter tops that won’t chip, stain or scratch, are one less home item to worry about. Additionally, easy to maintain flooring like “wood look” luxury vinyl or ceramic tiles make day-to-day upkeep simple.

Regals Builders, Nobles Pond, Bradford Model

Wood-like flooring, Regal Builders, Nobles Pond, Bradford Model

Promote Enjoyable Outdoor Living

Also, be mindful that outdoor home maintenance may have been an unwanted chore for years. While the new boomer buyer may still want to enjoy outdoor living, they don’t want to work at it. They want peaceful and private outdoor living spaces, but do not want to spend time and energy keeping maintaining them. Small outdoor garden boxes, lounging space, and an area for entertaining are all ways to entice your buyer. These features allow them to envision a blissful outdoor experience.

It’s also important to remember that this buyer wants privacy while entertaining. Using attractive trellises, screens, and lush vegetation can help make an area more cozy and private.

Further, be sure to spend time and effort when merchandising the outdoor space. Showing this area as an inviting, additional living space can set you above your competition.

Parkwood Homes, Sterling Ranch

Beautifully merchandised outdoor space, Parkwood Homes, Sterling Ranch

Incorporate Technology

Remember “the clapper”? Clap your hands twice, and the light turns on or off without even leaving the comfort of your bed.  This invention came out around 1985. Look at how far we’ve come since then. Technological advances are consistently astounding.  They play a vital role in achieving a low maintenance lifestyle for the boomer buyer.

They expect homes that are updated with the latest tech conveniences, bypassing their own need to mess with installs and wiring, which takes away from their leisure time.

It’s a bonus to include as many “smart home” systems as possible, including wiring for smart speakers, utilizing motorized window shades, and having high tech security and key-less entry.

Active 55+ adults aren’t just looking for a new house, they are seeking a lifestyle. Experiences (read about the first “E” here!) and Ease of Living are two of the Four E’s for building, designing, and selling to the new boomer buyer. Stayed tuned for the next blog in this series. And, be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for all kinds of creative interior design ideas.