A new housing development in Gastonia, North Carolina, has captured national attention with its unique blend of patriotism and community living. The 1776® Gastonia project, located just 30 minutes from Charlotte, is designed for residents aged 55 and over who seek a community reflecting the ideals of the American dream. At the heart of this development is a distinctive feature: every home will display the American flag.

A Symbol of Patriotism

Developer Brock Fankhauser, founder of Great American Homes, envisions the American flag as more than just a symbol—it’s an integral part of the architectural design. Fankhauser told Newsweek, “The American flag is being treated as an architectural element or a fixture of the home—it’s part of our architectural plans, our blueprints; it’s on the plans.” This approach underscores the project’s dedication to patriotic values, aiming to foster a sense of community rooted in mutual respect and shared ideals.

Commitment to Community Values

Residents of 1776® Gastonia are expected to embrace more than just the flag; they will pledge allegiance to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as well as support for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This pledge extends to a commitment to one another and the neighborhood’s future. Fankhauser highlighted this mutual promise in his interview with FoxNews, stating, “It’s a promise, it’s a covenant. And so as long as the people who live in those homes continue with their covenants and their pledges to one another, the flags will fly.”

Balancing Tradition and Freedom

While the flag rule has drawn significant interest, it’s important to note that there are no strict penalties for non-compliance. Fankhauser emphasized a reliance on mutual respect rather than enforcement, reflecting foundational American values. “To come after people with the heavy hand and penalties doesn’t strike me as consistent with founding ideals,” he explained to FoxNews. This approach aims to balance the community’s patriotic spirit with the freedom that defines the American way of life.

Looking Forward

The 1776® Gastonia project has already seen a strong response from potential residents, with over 500 inquiries since opening lots for sale in March. The development will feature 43 new homes, including one pledged to a disabled veteran, built in collaboration with Building Homes for Heroes. The Lita Dirks & Co. team will install the next model the first part of July and then Lita will be going out at the end of July for the dedication of the home for the veteran. This commitment to supporting veterans further underscores the project’s patriotic ethos.

In a time when national unity often feels strained, the 1776® Gastonia project seeks to rekindle a sense of patriotism and community spirit. As Fankhauser poignantly stated, “The goal, ultimately, is to turn up the flame of patriotism just a little bit more because, really, if we were to distill commonalities that all of us who reside here have, that’s probably the biggest one.”

For more details on the 1776® Gastonia project and to stay updated on its progress, visit the official Great American Homes website or follow their updates on social media.

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