Applying the Third Layer Principle in Model Home Design

The key to successful merchandising of a model home is being able to give each design a uniqueness to it, ensuring the prospective buyers will find that special something. A trigger that will help spark a lifestyle dream. To create that dream and the “I must live here” feeling, we employ the Third Layer Principle. Read more on how we use this strategy to help model homes sell.

Model Success!

Builders understand the inherent risk of creating a new neighborhood. They know they need to ensure the model homes showcase the features of the development and inspire dreams of home ownership. Hiring an interior design firm that will design and merchandise the models to attract the buyers you want and need is critical. Read how Lita Dirks & Co. was able to create a suburban respite and evoke dreams of home ownership in a new Snyder Homes development. 

Dishing with the Intern

For this month’s “Dishing with a Designer” we sat down for some dish with our summer intern, Emily Hanson. We wanted to get her fresh perspective on the world of interior design. Fortunately we were able to carve out some time to chat before she heads back to Colorado State University (CSU) for her senior year. We absolutely love having her here at LD & Co. and see big things for her in the future! Read the full dish here.

Power of Collaboration

At Lita Dirks & Co. we understand the critical importance of collaboration. We know that establishing strong relationships with developers, builders, and architects is key to everyone’s success. Further, it is these strong relationships that result in phenomenal designs and happy clients. To discuss this and more, we sat down with one of our frequent collaborators, Bobby Long from KEPHART community :: planning :: architecture. 

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

No matter where you live in the US (and many parts of Europe) it’s been a hot summer. Like, really hot. We aren’t going to get into a political discussion on climate change.That’s not our thing. What is our thing, is finding ways to get and stay cool when it feels like we’re living on the surface of the sun. Here are some cocktail recipes to help you feel refreshed (or at the very least, help you to not care as much about being hot). And, if you’re looking for inspiration on creating that relaxing outdoor vibe in your next model home, please follow us on Instagram