March, 2021

Spring has sprung! Well, not exactly sprung here in Denver. As I write this, we are currently digging out of a snowstorm that dumped over two-feet of snow! But, that’s pretty typical of March in Colorado. You know what else is typical this time of year? The promise of spring. The longer days and the new blooms make me excited for spring and fresh new beginnings.

Along those lines, we’ve had a refresh on the design of our newsletter. The idea was to create a new look to make it easier to share information and engage with you, our faithful readers. Please let us know what you like and/or don’t like about the new design. We want to hear from you! As always, thanks for reading. We are looking forward to a spring full of creative collaborations.


Inside this Issue



Women & The Construction/Building Industry

With March officially designated as Women’s History Month, we thought it only apropos to celebrate women in the construction/building industry. Not a historical celebration necessarily, but rather a highlight of women in the industry today, and a prediction for the future.


Healthy Design

Healthy design is more important than ever. We just passed the one year anniversary of COVID-19 officially being named a global pandemic. We have learned so much during this time, especially the importance of health and wellness. And, how that translates to our homes and our interior designs.


Big Design Impact

Thoughtfully designed and well-merchandised spaces, regardless of how small they may be, can be the deciding factor for a potential buyer. Our designers understand this and create efficient designs to make a big impact, and a potential buyer say, ‘Wow!”  

Vote On Your Favorite Design

Some buyers like a stand alone tub, others are fine to skip the tub but a spa-like shower is non-negotiable, and others want it all! What about you? Pretend you are that prospective buyer, which bathroom design is your favorite? And why? Send us your vote.

Design A
Design B
Design C
Design D

UPDATE: We asked and you responded! And the “winner” was…(insert your internal drum roll here) Kitchen Design B. This beautiful kitchen is from a Parkwood Homes model in South Jordan, Utah. The entire model is gorgeous and sits on a lovely lake in the Daybreak community. This was a really fun collaboration with our friends at Parkwood Homes, a MD-based home builder.

Going with a professional is always the smart move!


While we are waiting for all travel restrictions to be lifted, take a video walk! This YouTube Channel, Wanna Walk, is a fun way to discover new cultures, people, sights, and sounds from around the world. All from the comfort of your home. They are short videos narrated and recorded in first person view – so you feel like you are actually there taking a walk. It’s a nice diversion.