Welcome back to an exciting edition of “On the Road with Lita,” where we take you behind the scenes of our latest projects and adventures in the world of interior design. This month, Lita was on the move again, visiting groundbreaking sites and meeting key players in the industry. Buckle up and join us on this journey!

A Milestone in Atlanta with Epcon

Her first stop was the bustling city of Atlanta, where we’re thrilled to be working on Epcon’s first project in this dynamic market. This project marks an important milestone for both Epcon and our team, as we bring innovative design and luxurious amenities to a new community of homeowners.

During her layover In Atlanta, Lita got to see her brother Jerry! After a quick hug, Lita was on her way to meet with the Epcon team to finalize design plans and ensure every detail meets our high standards of quality and elegance. From open-concept living spaces to state-of-the-art kitchens and tranquil outdoor areas, this project promises to set a new standard in modern living.

Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks into our design process, as we work to create a community that blends style, comfort, and functionality.

Seeing and Walking a New Job at Drywall in Florida

This meet-up is all about building strong relationships, checking model details during construction, and aligning our visions for future projects. We’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to collaborating with Pia to bring fresh ideas and innovative designs to the Florida market.

Our Last Stop with Our Newest Client

Enjoying the finishes of a new model for our new client, Integrity, in Texas. Steve, Deb, Cassy, Laura and Lita enjoyed a few minutes of shared celebration in a successful accomplishment. Lita’s travels highlight our commitment to expanding our reach and working with top-notch partners in the industry. Whether it’s breaking ground on a new project in Atlanta or forging new connections in Florida, we’re always on the move, bringing the latest in design trends and luxurious amenities to new homes across the country.

Contact us to discuss your next project. We design and merchandise model homes and amenity spaces that elicit dreams of home ownership and a lifestyle worth living, set our client’s product apart from the competition, and help homes sell.